Building a Stronger Community in 2010

Building a Stronger Community in 2010

1259245482_3be655ca37.jpg This week, the folks at LevelTen have been discussing our goals for the New Year. Most people will refer to that as a "resolution", but I prefer the term goal. Maybe its semantics, but the way I see it, as resolution implies failure (since statistically, most resolutions do fail), while a goal is something you consistently work to achieve.

So what's my goal for this new year?

Growing LevelTen's blog community. At LevelTen, we've fostered a learning culture. Every team member is budgeted a certain amount of daily time that can be used for researching and learning (as opposed to mandating that all time be spent on billable projects). The only catch is that the learning time must be reflected in some form of documentation. Usually, that comes in the form of blog posts, and each team member typically writes 1-2 per month. Generally, that leads to some fantastic and useful content. But where we lack most is engagement and dialogue. If you look at the majority of comments on any given post, it's some form of link spam. I'd like that to change.


The first step is probably installing a new commenting system that's easier to use and does a better job at preventing spam. We've narrowed our choices down to a few final candidates, and should be making the decision soon. Then, we'll need to focus on writing more thought provoking posts that encourage readers to share their thoughts. When people start leaving more of their thoughts, it will be important to encourage additional conversation by replying to comments, and highlighting the best over our other networks. To spur this on, we'll also need to be better at participating on other industry blogs by leaving our own thoughtful and engaging comments. Not only will this lead to additional insight and knowledge, but it should hopefully help us reach one other goal I've got for 2010 - getting into the Ad Age Power 150 list. How do you encourage participation on your blog? Photo Credit