The Joy of Maps

The Joy of Maps

As a Web designer, I like to approach the design of any site as efficiently as possible. Long before I even became interested in Web design, I stumbled upon the art of , which is basically a complex map of information. As a primarily visual learner, I took information architecture to the next level by expressing information visually as opposed to textually. My fascination with mapping led me to what I consider my primary source of inspiration: maps!

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Here are some maps that I have found inspirational:

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This is an informational map I created to show how the human digestive system works


This is a mind map I created


I love maps, and it was my slight obsession with information architecture and mapping that led me to design Web sites. When I design sites, my number one priority is functionality and usability. If a site does not function, it does not matter how beautiful it is. Therefore, I turn to maps as a way of organizing the functions and style of a site.