Erickson Partners LLC

The Challenge

When Don Erickson retired as a Senior Partner at Ernst & Young, with over 1,500 business valuations to his credit, he started Erickson Partners with his son Brice and a few associates. Erickson Partners has exceptional experience with high profile, complex business valuations, yet being a new company they needed to get their story out. Erickson was ready to create a website for their firm; however they did not believe that the Internet was an effective B2B lead-generating tool and felt that traditional business referrals were the summit of business leads. With no web presence, LevelTen needed to unlock the online business potential for the firm.

The Solution

LevelTen performed a full website design and development for, along with a five-hour marketing budget, which was later increased dramatically. LevelTen was able to display the ability and marketing effectiveness in the B2B arena using many tactics, including B2B engines and SEO best practices.

The Results

Within three months after the site launch, Erickson Partners landed their first $30,000 project from a web lead. In just one year, there was an 800% ROI for marketing eight times what had been invested as well as a 4200% ROI for web design. These astonishing results were reached by using tactics including specialty B2B engines, PPC, and SEO best practices, as well as doubling the original marketing budget. After exposing the potential for online success, Erickson Partners and LevelTen plan to nourish marketing ideas for the future.