Gateway Worship

The Challenge

Gateway Worship is a Dallas / Fort Worth area Church dedicated to “[helping] people experience God in the fullest way possible.” Gateway produces high quality songs of faith that help connect with a wide range of audiences in order to support that mission. Gateway Worship planned to move all of their websites onto the Drupal platform, but needed LevelTen’s assistance to meet a four week launch goal, which was scheduled to launch in support of the grand opening of their new facility. They needed a professional, high quality website that could support a variety of uses, including rich media and audio playback. They also needed a Drupal agency that could work with an existing design and concept for the website.

The Solution

LevelTen worked with the team at Gateway to deliver the website as efficiently and with as many requested features as possible. One of the keys to this quick development timeline was the use of LevelTen’s Open Enterprise distribution, which allowed for an efficient installation of Drupal and many contributed modules. Regarding Gateway’s audio integration, Project Developer Randall Knutson explained, “the songs and albums were made so that Gateway could quickly and easily add new songs and albums to the site as well as add charts and wallpapers for each. Everything would automatically work all over the site without needing to update each page.” The design also featured extensive CSS3 techniques which gracefully degraded across all browsers. Said Project Manager Kayla Wren, “Gateway was very organized coming into the project. They had a well thought out design and all their content was ready. That really contributed to the success of the project. Content is usually the main thing that will hold up the launch of a project, and Gateway really had all their information organized and ready to go.”

The Results

In describing the quality of work they received, Director Bobby Williams said, “I was super impressed with the whole team at LevelTen. [They] made sure that anyone could understand [their] questions. I didn't have to know all about skinning or coding, etc... to understand, and I got a link where I could periodically check up and see how the site was going. Communication was clear and precise and I thought Kayla was an incredible project manager.” Williams added, “We are building a brand of our worship team and artist[s] [at] 'Gateway Worship' and I believe the work you did launches them to a new level.”