Kingwood Personnel

The Challenge

The challenge was to re-brand Kingwood Personnel and build a marketing campaign that would give the agency a decisive competitive advantage to capitalize on the strengthening job market.

The Solution

LevelTen designed a neo-retro emotional brand for Kingwood that balanced the charisma of the owner with a level of professionalism a mature staffing agency must project. The goal of this new brand was not just to impress but to emotionally connect with Kingwood's two target audiences, HR departments and job seekers. A new logo, business cards, and presentation materials were all created using the new brand. The centerpiece of the effort was a complete overhaul of the website, The website was also re-organized to specifically target the Kingwood's two distinct audiences. A job board and resume upload features were also added. The site was search engine optimized and sponsored search listings were created to generate localized Houston job seeker and HR traffic.

The Results

The search engine campaigns instantly increased the traffic to by 500%. Six months after the site launched, Kingwood reported a dramatic jump in revenue and stated that profits were twice what they had invested in the site and search campaigns. From Q403 to Q404, the first full year of the redesign, staffing placements grew and average of 13.1%, and Kingwood Personnel grew at a rate of 31.5%, outpacing industry average growth nearly two and a half times.