Hosting = Bad for Drupal Hosting = Bad for Drupal

I've been working on a website that my wife will be running for about 4 or 5 months now where she will be talking about parenting and selling baby girl hair bows. The site was put on hold while she was in the hospital with our new daughter Kaitlynn, but now that everything is back to normal around the house, she's ready to get started. I've used for hosting some of my sites, mostly because it's cheap (I know it's really a joke), and it has been pretty reliable for WordPress sites. Since I'm now much more familiar with Drupal, I've moved everything over to the Drupal platform and since then their hosting is just ridiculously slow. Drupal is a much more robust application so I'm sure that it puts a strain on the server, but she needs Drupal with all it's power for the type of site she will eventually have. I sent in a request to their support team about the issues I was having regarding the pages never loading and here's their response.
Thank you for contacting Online Support. Your site does appear to load a bit slowly but I'm not showing any issues with the server that you are on. If you try loading any static content on the page (such as images, plain html documents) you will see that these load very quickly so it appears that the issue is not with the server but with the code on some pages. The best solution in most cases is to optimize the code for efficiency to ensure it loads as fast as possible. (If your site uses databases, check those as well. Make sure all database connections are closed at the end of query.) If that is not an option, then you may want to consider purchasing a server for quicker loading times. Additionally, you are pulling third party script on your site. You would want to try to remove these to attempt to speed up your site. I apologize for any inconvenience.
In other words our hosting sucks pay more money if you want something better.