“I Just Need a Quick Quote for a Website”

“I Just Need a Quick Quote for a Website”

During my tenure at LevelTen I would estimate that I’ve fielded over 10,000 phone calls or emails from companies and individuals who are looking for some assistance with their web project. A small few have been through a complete project before and understand the difficulty in what we do and have a great deal of respect for our knowledge and expertise; at the same time there are many that feel “this is easy” and that their request is something they “could easily do on their own, but don’t have the time.” Now, for a small percentage that may be true, but for the majority of those who call doing it on their own would most likely end in failure.

As the web has evolved, and rather quickly I might add, we’re seeing a major shift away from just the basic information website to much more sophisticated web applications. Blogging websites, integrated ecommerce solutions and even full blown web communities are becoming more and more the norm and every one of these solutions has their own intricacies which must be considered. At LevelTen we’ve made it a point to really have our clients focus on proper planning before implementation and our process is setup to help maximize the return of all effort and dollars placed into your project.

Here’s a little example; think about it and then let me know which site cost more: a $20,000 website that is only able to deliver $5,000 in value over the next 5 years or a $250,000 website that delivers $1,000,0000 in value over the next 2 years? Simple math there shows that you may never re-coup your money on the $20,000 site, but the $250,000 site has paid for it’s self in less than one year. One key difference is the actual price to deliver; often time’s companies come to us with a preset budget that will never deliver a return and they are just going to be throwing money away. I’ve even seen where projects have failed 2 and 3 times before on a smaller budget and oh what is that quote about insanity and the same effort and the same results? You get the idea.

I’ve said all of that simply to say this; if you just need a quick quote for a website, then we’re not the company for you. However, if your serious about taking your web presence to the next level and realize that you need assistance in getting there, we can help and I’ll be glad to guide you through.

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