DrupalCon Day 1: "Electric Drupaland"

DrupalCon Day 1: "Electric Drupaland"

There's a lot going on during Day 1 of DrupalCon Denver. The LevelTen SEO Tester is finally up and running and everyone seems to be having fun with it. Have you tested your site's SEO score yet? The LevelTen crew would like to meet you!


If you accidentally overslept and didn't get a chance to see the keynote speaker, founder of Acquia and Drupal, Dries Buytaert, you're actually in luck. A streaming video of the keynote is available online for all to view.

Though the first day is halfway through, there are still great sessions and speakers to catch on the topics of multilingual site building, Drupal for government agencies, In Vehicle Infotainment, getting involved in the Drupal community, changing your CMS, and many more.

DrupalCon is also fun to follow on Twitter. I've chosen a double "tweet of the day" from @bronicat and @eaton:


Tell us, what is the best booth, speaker, and session you've seen at DrupalCon this year? We want to hear from you in the comments, on Twitter, and Facebook.

Photo Credit: Larry Johnson