Installing Drupal 7 using SSH & Drush Tutorial

Installing Drupal 7 using SSH & Drush Tutorial

Drupal experts love the command line. The only thing better than Unix commands are Drupal command line macros, a.k.a. Drush.

Drush is a library of command line scripts that automate an array of Drupal administrative functions. Even if you are not a command line junkie, you might find helpful the elegance of administration via Drush.

This tutorial is a two-fer. You will learn how to install Drupal 7 using SSH and get a taste of Drush by seeing it in action. The first step is to install Drush. Then we use it to install Drupal...all using the command line. Look ma, no GUI!

If you are familiar with the command line, but not Drush, this tutorial is ideal for you. Even if you are not a Unix command expert, it is still good to know what Drush can do.

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Commands used in this video

Creating the database: mysqladmin –u [db_user] –p create [db_name] Download drush: wget Extract archive: tar xzvf drush-All-Versions-HEAD.tar.gz Verify Drush is working: cd drush drush Set alias: alias drush='/[path_to_drush_from_root]/drush/drush' Change directories to web files: cd ../www Download Drupal: drush dl drupal-7.0 Move Drupal files to web directory: mv drupal-7.0/* . mv drupal-7.0/.htaccess . rm –r drupal-7.0 Execute Drupal install: drush site-install standard --account-name=admin --account-pass=[useruser_pass] --db-url=mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name] View all Getting Started with Drupal 7 tutorial videos

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