Adding Video To Your Drupal Website

drupal video modules It's been awhile, hasn't it? After what seemed like a month long office move, the LevelTen team is back in podcasting mode. We're excited to continue sharing our Drupal and general web knowledge again with our loyal listeners. This week's exceptional podcast is all about adding video functionality to your Drupal website. Panelists Chris Sloan and Dustin Currie discuss wide ranging topics from modules that can add video functionality to your site, why you may want to consider a CDN network, technical issues that video creates, a run-down of several popular video formats, and much more. As always, Tom McCracken hosts. So if you've been looking to add some video to your Drupal website, or you just want to expand your Drupal knowledge, listen to our podcast. If there are any questions that you'd like answered on a future episode, feel free to leave a comment on this page. Photo Credit