Building A Winning Race Team for Your Website

Winning Race Team Today in the TenSpot, we're talking about tactics for building a website that wins. Buying or building a website can be compared to choosing a car. Whether you budget for an $850 junker, an economical hybrid, or a high performance race car, the success of your purchase depends on your goals. If you are looking for a website that wins, this panel discussion is for you. Tom moderates today's episode, as we walk through a "Building Success 101" course of sorts. Chris enters the fray to give his insight about building winning teams with clients, Brent offers a social media tool in the works, Gigya, as it pertains to business success, and Bryce and Colin jump in with marketing and SEO tips. Join us for coming episodes as well, as we will build on the concepts of today's TenSpot to formulate a growing curriculum for building online leaders.

Power Tip

Most people have decent ideas, but fall back to the crowd when it comes to driving traffic to their site and creating a well-developed marketing scheme. By mastering the basics, staying updated and seeking qualified advisers for the advanced skills of web development, you can build a winning website. Related Articles: