How To Go Mobile With Your Drupal Website

mobile phone users Speak Easy Drupal this week is all about going mobile with your Drupal website. With the rise in popularity of smart phone like the iPhone and Blackberry, it's more important then ever to make sure your website plays nice with the mobile crowd. But how do you do this? From modules to stylesheets, there are many ways to make sure your website looks right on the small screen. We'll go over all of these tactics, and more, in this week's Speak Easy Drupal. This podcast also features Chris Ruppel. Chris is a web developer focusing on Internet Marketing, with years of experience juggling web programming, user interface design, information architecture, information visualization, heuristics, usability, and accessibility on the web. He specializes in producing functional, attractive, search-friendly websites that generate traffic and revenue. Currently, his weapon of choice is Drupal, which allows rapid development of useful, beautiful websites at a fraction of the cost of a big development company.

Power Tip

Use some form of analytics to figure out how many people are visiting your website through mobile devices, and determine if it's time to start thinking about incorporating a mobile design.

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