Recapping Certified Scrum Training with Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn's Mountain Goat Software Today in the TenSpot, we are taking Agile to a new level. Members of our staff recently underwent ScrumMaster and Product Owner training with Certified ScrumMaster extraordinaire Mike Cohn. Cohn is a leading Agilist, having been involved with the process on an executive level since 1995. He has authored three books and led Scrum conferences and events around the world. LevelTen transitioned to Scrum and Agile processes after searching for the best method of completing client work efficiently. Findings about the benefits of the Agile process are documented below: This week's panel experts are Rachel Scott, Kayla Wren and Tom McCracken. Join them as they walk through their training experience to help explain how your company can become more efficient and effective through scrum and agile processes.

Power Tip

When working in a team, prioritize tasks by ranking the scope, budget, time frame and quality of the project. Specify which element is fixed, that is, which will be the biggest key to success. Then, rank one as firm, or something that needs to stay in place, but could wiggle just a bit. Give the remaining two elements a "flexible" tag to allow for more agility during the work process. Assigning these qualities will help teams as they endeavor to complete successful client projects. Related Articles: