Scrum Musings & The Real Time Web

Contrary to popular belief, I say the best day of the week is Monday. Not Friday, not Thursday, and certainly not Saturday... Monday. Why is it my favorite day, you might ask? Because on Mondays, I get to review and edit our fantastic weekly podcasts. Sure, I usually know the topics ahead of time, and most days, I even participate in the podcasts, but in a world where yesterday's news may as well be last year's news, a refresher is always good. This week, we've got a varied lineup of topics up for discussion on The TenSpot. Renee Dobbs, discusses the decision to move office management tasks into an official Office Scrum. So far, the early returns have been very positive. If resources at your company are tight (as most are), and office tasks are starting to pile up, you may want to consider a switch to scrum, to get that list whittled down. Continuing with the scrum discussions, Kayla Wren discusses the quandary of the Product Owner. Specifically, in the agency environment - who plays the product owner? Is it the client or the account manager? If it's the client, how do you budget and plan for that extra time drain? Learn the answers to these questions, and more in the podcast! Finally, Rachel Scott, on the heels of some big announcements from Bing, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, discusses the state of the Real TIme Web. Why is it important, and what exactly do you need to know about this burgeoning web trend. As always, Tom McCracken moderates.

Business Power Tip

The product owner is the single minded voice defining what the product should be. Or - the single throat to be strangled when the project goes wrong. Be sure to designate someone as the official product owner, if you're an agency, this should preferably be on the client side.