Search Engine Optimization for Your Drupal Website

Some of you might have noticed that we took a week off from our podcast recording. It is the Summer, and people at LevelTen were doing what the Summer is best for - taking vacations! After some much needed R&R, we've returned with a killer podcast episode - just for you! This week we're discussing a topic that the staff at LevelTen is VERY familiar with - how to optimize your Drupal website for the search engines, and some of the best tools you can use to optimize more effectively. This week, we have on our panel, Jennifer Conley, Rachel Scott, and Chris Sloan. As always, the moderator this week is Tom McCracken. Join us for some lively discussions:
  • What exactly is the difference between meta page titles and content page titles, and why should I care?
  • What are some core Drupal SEO modules that I should use?
  • What exactly is this Content Optimizer module I keep hearing about?

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