The Ten Spot Episode #10

This week is an extra special week, as it's our 10th episode of our podcast! In this milestone episode, we'll be discussing features that are important to your website, from SEO/SEM friendly content management systems, things to look for in a CMS and the importance of RSS feeds.

Create a RSS Feed from a Drupal View

Panelist: Jennifer Conley On Monday evening, the team was here late finishing out our second Sprint Planning Meeting. Around 8pm, our Developer, Dustin Currie, mentioned that one of our recent projects was not setup for users to subscribe to the blog and articles RSS feed. We were two days from launching this project, and I was perplexed that this was being brought up right then, because everyone at LevelTen understands the importance of an RSS feed. And we were about to launch a site that didn't have it setup! I said, "Show me. Show me how to set it up so that it doesn't get overlooked the next time!" Read More

Top 14 SEO and SEM Modules for Drupal

Panelist: Colin Alsheimer If you work in search engine optimization, or Internet marketing and you haven't been exposed to Drupal yet, it's a wonderful CMS for a variety of applications. Specific to this blog post, however, Drupal is a phenomenal platform for search engine optimization and Internet marketing. With the right modules installed and configured, Drupal can be a complete joy to work with for an SEO. Use the following as a guide for the best SEO and SEM modules to install for your Drupal website. Read More