The Ten Spot Episode #5

In this week's podcast we discuss,

How to Win in a Recession Like a Ninja

Panelist: Colin Alsheimer In the 80’s there was a Ninja fad, and apparently it never died. The thing with Ninjas is that they’re smart. Instead of confronting a rushing attacker head on, they step to the side and slice off the attackers head. This is what smart companies need to be doing in a recession. When it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders, and the pressure is mounting – don’t fight it, step to the side and slice off its head. A recession is a perfect time to step back and reexamine your business – what’s working, and what’s becoming an insurmountable struggle that just needs to change? Companies that don’t adapt will die. So will you be a Recession Ninja? Or are just another Recession Statistic?

How to Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook...Safely

Panelist: Jennifer Conley With the latest dilemma about whether to add Mom as a friend on your Facebook, the New York Times has written an article about how use the Facebook feature Friend List to expose only particular areas of your Profile by creating specialized friend lists and customizing their level of access. Real world and online worlds are colliding. For some this concept is nothing to fear, but for others, it might kill Independent George. This podcast will mention tips on how to keep the real and online worlds from colliding.

The Value of Corporate Blogging

Panelist: Jon Webb Often times in a recession, departments like marketing are the first to receive budget cuts, which can mean companies no longer have the time or resources for "soft costs" like social media or blogging. But what companies can often fail to realize is that services like blogging provide some of the most value for the smallest cost. We examine the value of blogging in this episode.