The Ten Spot Episode #6

In today's podcast, we discuss...

How I Might Deal with IE6

Panelist: Brandon Manbeck Eight years ago (almost to the day), Jeffrey Zeldman signaled the dawn of "The CSS Age" when he wrote To Hell With Bad Browsers. Explaining how the use of @import for referencing stylesheets is ignored by Netscape 4 was an important step in shedding the problems related to supporting an ancient browser. Eight. Years. Completely ignoring a browser in terms of CSS is a wonderfully freeing thing. It certainly can't be done on every site. The important thing to remember is that it's a site's statistics that should determine what level of support you decide to offer.

Fortune and Misfortune : Leveraging Existing Research and Development

Panelist: Brent Bice I recently read an article published on about “The Race for a New Game Machine” where IBM employees David Shippy and Mickie Phipps tell the story of creating the Cell, the processing core that revolutionized the gaming industry. The Cell is used in both the Sony PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox. Sony’s unfortunate lack of communication and understanding of what portion of the core application could be reused paved the way for Microsoft to take advantage of millions dollars of Sony research and development – one of Sony’s greatest business failures. a> Companies could learn a thing or two by reading this book. Leveraging others successes and failures, code and other programming assets can save thousands of dollars in research, development and testing time when creating a website. This is what’s made open-source applications so popular. Drupal, for example offers a core content management framework that can be extended with over 1500 modules to create full-blown social networks, e-commerce applications, etc. All code is free and saves hundreds of hours in research, development and testing.

Time for a change...again

Panelist: Kayla Wren Obama is certainly changing things. First there was, the birthsite of the 13 million strong online network, was the website of President-Elect Obama followed by which ushered him into This week his administration launched, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act portal. In case you are looking for your old MyBarackObama webblog, it’s now part of Organizing for America which while not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee, can still be found at In this podcast we discuss the history and the future direction of this Administration’s online presence. Until next week! Thanks for tuning in!