We're Agile!

dilbert agile comic There's a project management revolution going on today, and it goes by the name of Agile. Agile project management methodologies are an alternative to traditional waterfall project management, which is the style of project management used in the majority of web development and design projects today. Large companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce.com have already made the switch to Agile. Why? Because Agile processes encourage new ideas, promote a harmonious relationship between clients and agency partners, ensure that the most valuable features get delivered first, and ensure that vendors get paid for the value they deliver. Join panelists Chris Sloan, Kayla Wren and Dustin Currie as we discuss all things Agile. In this podcast, we'll cover the origins of Agile, talk about the Agile Manifesto, and discuss why Agile makes sense from a development standpoint, as well as how to overcome difficulties in selling Agile projects to upper management or potential clients.

Power Tip

Check out NoFixed.org, to learn more about selling and executing Agile based projects. If you're looking to hire a team to execute your web projects, or you lead an internal team looking to make the switch to Agile, check out NoFixed.org for educational resources. Image from Dilbert.com