Our Approach

Online success isn't about just showing up, it's about beating the competition. To win the game, you have to continually deliver innovation at Web speed. You have to beat the odds. That's where things get tricky. We'd jump at the chance to tell you that we spent years developing a radical super-secret proprietary process that vanquishes complexity in three easy steps. But we can't. What can we tell you? We're agile. Our process isn't proprietary. It's called Scrum, and we've added some eXtreme Programming and Usage-Centered Design to the mix. Each is a well documented agile methodology in their own rights, but we've found they work best together. What We Do We like our processes like we like our Web, open. Even if we did have our own secret processes, why would you just take our word that it works? Wouldn't you rather use the same proven approach used by the Web's top companies? (See: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, SalesForce.com). If you want to be the best you have to use the best. That's agile. Agile is commonplace among top traditional software firms or large in-house web departments. But our process is pretty radical for a boutique interactive agency. Agile will not eliminate complexity. No process can. Traditional project management methods hope to predict complexity with volumes of documents. When that doesn't work, more documents get thrown at the problem. And when that doesnt work, change orders. Agile uses lightweight just-in-time strategy. Complexity is made transparent by delivering working solutions early and often thus allows you the time and budget to refine project goals. Our process is lean, transparent, open, innovative and results driven. Put simply, it's more human.