Document class

Document Class describes the document type and indented audience. Any document not having a defined class will be assumed to be a definition for all audiences. The format for classes is ([Type]:[Audience])

Doc Type

  • Definition - a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase.
  • Procedure – Describes a process or activity o Overview – High level introduction for a process
  • Work Instruction – specific guidance or step-by-step direction on how to perform a specific job task, procedure and/or job function. Work instructions tend to be more detailed then procedures
  • Form – Used for questionnaires, surveys and other documents that designed for someone to fill out.
  • Troubleshooting - Used for solutions to problems. Should be organized by the problem.
  • QA – Official answers to typical questions. Should be organized by question.
  • Tip – A short recommendation for handling a specific issues.


  • CL – Client
  • CS.(AM,PM) – Client Services
  • TECH.(PG.SA.TM) – Technical staff (Programmer, Server Admin, Technical Lead/Business Analyist)
  • CR.(GD,IC,CW,MD) – Creative staff (Graphic Designer, Interface Coder,Copywriter, Multimedia Designer )
  • IM – Internet Marketing
  • ADMIN.(A) – Administration staff (Accounting)

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