LevelTen Interactive Launches New Website of Drupal Distribution

LevelTen Interactive Launches New Website of Drupal Distribution

DALLAS, TX, September 9, 2014 - LevelTen Interactive, a web design firm, unveiled a new website called Open Enterprise CM2 (http://www.getcm2.com), a division of LevelTen Interactive’s brand. The website provides potential customers and partners with insights and intelligent marketing tools to increase site traffic, user conversion and customer retention.

The new website serves for more than just a sales venue, but rather a first hand look at what LevelTen’s content management and marketing system looks like. The Open Enterprise CM2 website was built using Open Enterprise and uses the theme that comes exclusively when purchasing Open Enterprise Pro. Instead of following the trend of building a proprietary system, LevelTen decided to leverage best-of-breed products from partners like Drupal, Google, Twitter, Twilio, SugarCRM and MailChimp, and integrate them into one seamless, powerful content management, and marketing platform.

“In 2006, our team began researching various content management and marketing solutions to improve the design, usability and marketability of our customers' websites.  We found that no particular system provided all the tools we needed to successfully drive traffic, leads, and sales. Some were great at managing content, while others excelled at analytics. Some were simple to use, but had limited flexibility. Others were very powerful, but also very difficult to use, said Brent Bice, VP Sales & Client Services. “Open Enterprise provides the flexibility of Drupal, the intuitiveness of WordPress, and visitor insights far beyond that of other analytics systems.”

Open Enterprise CM2 is an affordable, intelligent, easy to use solution that offers more power, flexibility and freedom than any other content management and marketing system on the market.


About LevelTen Interactive:

Founded in 1999, LevelTen is a leading web design, web development, and Internet marketing firm based in Dallas, TX. LevelTen features an integrated team of top web consultants, creative designers, Drupal developers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results. Learn more about Open Enterprise CM2 by visiting getCM2.com.

Media Contact:

Felipa Villegas | Marketing Coordinator
214.887.8586 | felipav@getlevelten.com