LevelTen Intelligence Overview

Measure more

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. LevelTen Intelligence extends standard Google Analytics to go broader and deeper. Move beyond mire pageviews with extended event tracking and segmentation.

Inform effectively

Google Analytics is great, but let's face it – how much do you really use it? The goal is to empower people to make better decisions. So we put the data where people will actually use it, in the CMS. LevelTen Intelligence seamlessly integrates analytics data and enhanced reports into Drupal's admin to make sure you’re always well informed.

Measure what maters

Traditional analytics is the leading cause of volume metrics tunnel vision. Now you can associate scores with key metrics summing dozens of data points into a single, easy to understand value. Discover the signal through the noise and regain your sanity.

Focus on performance

Identify the 20% that returns 80% of the results. Compare vital website assets such as content, authors, topics, traffic sources, keywords, social networks, and visitors to determine what is providing the most value. Once you really know what is driving results, what to do next becomes clear.

Gain more perspectives

Is your best data hidden away in pieced together spreadsheets? No more. Drupal integrated scorecards provide a 360 degree view of what is driving value for content, traffic sources and visitors. In a single click authors can understand what content is truly king, marketers can identify the most effective channels, analyst can uncover insights faster and stakeholders can know what is driving ROI.

Achieve your goals

The first step to reaching your goals is to define them. The second is to communicate them with the team and the third is to track your progress. The executive dashboard gives you the ultimate hat trick, all three steps integrated directly into Drupal so the team always know how they are progressing.

Always know who done it

It's not just about page views and events generated by faceless masses. It’s about understanding each person. LevelTen Intelligence enables you to track individual visitors to your site. See who has viewed specific pages, shared a blog post, or visited your site from Facebook – and of course, determine who your Most Valuable People (MVPs) are.

Experience your user’s experience

You can’t sell to someone you don’t understand. Yet it's said you can’t understand someone till you walk in their shoes. Now you can do the next best thing; virtually following their journey. With LevelTen Intelligence you can retrace your visitors steps in both report form or a nifty virtual clickstream.