SEO Tools


Drupal SEO Tools for those who are looking to
drive real returns from the web.



What is it?


SEO Tools is a one-of-a-kind suite of Drupal modules designed to improve your search engine rankings and streamline SEO workflows. Drupal, with some tweaking, already has a great architecture for SEO. SEO Tools integrates advanced tools to help you target the best keywords, write content that ranks higher in the search engines, better engage your site visitors and more.

Who is it for?


SEO Tools is designed for the needs of progressive businesses, non-profits and other ventures who are looking to drive real returns from the web. If you need more traffic from the search engines, SEO Tools is for you. If you are an experienced SEO manager, the suite will help you stay organized and work more efficiently. If you are a new to SEO, it will help you start getting results quickly.

Module Presets

SEO Tools automates installation of all vital Drupal SEO modules such as Page Titles, Meta Tags, XML Sitemap and more. Combining essential settings for 3rd party modules, the SEO Tools suite will further boost your site's SEO efforts. Receive step-by-step guidance as you download, install, and configure Drupal's most essential SEO modules.

Keyword Research & Discovery

Perform keyword research and discover new keyword opportunities on the fly. The keyword tools will help you find the best keywords to optimize around, using data from top industry services like WordStream, Wordtracker and Google AdWords . The keyword suite will also help you analyze your current content for hidden keyword gems you may already be ranking for!

Content Optimization

Make sure your site's content is fully optimized for organic search with the Content Optimization suite. Content Optimization guides you through a series of search engine optimization best practices including body copy, meta data and the proper usage of target keywords.

Advanced Tagging

Proper tagging of content provides a vital boost for both improving rankings and expanding ranking opportunities. The problem is that tagging is tedious and it is hard to be consistent. The SEO Tools Alchemy module solves this problem and provides sophisticated algorithms for extracting keywords and concepts from your content and automating node tagging.

Link Management

Increase your site's presence in the search engines by intelligently and efficiently manage your websites internal links. Create organic traffic generating topic hubs, add targeted and prioritized keywords for automatic linking, and create blocks of related content within pages.

Integrated Analytics

The SEO Tools suite provides dashboards that integrates Google Analytics with vital site data and tools. This assures key analytic are reviewed consistently and streamlines SEO work flows.

Webmaster Tools

The SEO Tools' dashboards links into Google Webmaster Tool's extended data and toolsets. Webmaster Tools provides a suite of advanced helpers and reports including site backlinks, keyword positioning, Google site crawls, HTML suggestions, robots.txt troubleshooting, and site links configuration.

Competitive Analysis

Keep on top of what the competition is doing by analyzing content from third party sites. Extract keywords, analyze content optimization strategies, readability and more.