Sharing Is Caring For Online Marketing Campaigns

Sharing Is Caring For Online Marketing Campaigns

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With so much focus being given to the hottest social media platforms in online marketing, the digital glue that holds all applications together, Email, can get lost in the shuffle.

I attended a recent Webinar with Social Media Explorer author Jason Falls and Baltimore marketing firm Blue Sky Factory. The focus of this session: To help businesses achieve their marketing goals by utilizing both social media and Email as a pair, rather than focusing exclusively on one or the other.

Social media is a bustling industry, but neglecting to focus on other online marketing efforts could prove to be destructive for your business. According to the Webinar, 59% of the total content being shared on the internet is channeled through e-mail. A percentage that screams “USE ME, I AM EFFECTIVE!” Yet, only 57% of online marketers plan to use Email in their 2010 campaigns ( - PDF link).

Ignoring e-mail or social media in online marketing is unwise for everyone from the smallest self-starter to the global corporation.

Here are some of the tips and tactics I picked up from the Webinar for optimizing the effectiveness of Social Media and Email marketing:

SWYN (Share With Your Network)

SWYN is the new “Forward to a Friend”. It allows consumers of your content to get it to their networks and specifically those who will benefit from it.

The SWYN function:

  • Makes your messages more powerful and effective

    46% of total shares happen through Email ( Many of these shares happen between trusted sources, allowing the credibility of your content to grow.

  • Extends the reach of your Emails

    Twitter is the best outlet for extending your reach through networking. About 98% percent of Twitter users share content with their networks. Credible users typically share content other than their own, making this a great way to share.

  • Pinpoints influential brand ambassadors

    Sharing with your network helps you identify people in your network that are passionate about certain content. When you notice people are sharing your content, start giving them incentives for sharing. For example, send out something like “the user who drives the most traffic to this link will get a free copy of our new book”.

  • Grows your Email database

    By growing the traffic that comes from interested users, more will want to subscribe to your content. Encourage feedback to your site or content and watch your database grow with qualified leads.

Other Tips

  • “Cross Pollinate” or integrate e-mail newsletters with social media. Building a credible network through social media will produce more results when you share a link to your latest offer or newsletter.
  • If you know someone who says it better than you – share them. As always, sharing other people’s content more than your own will build your credibility and grow your followers and friends.
  • Share content with a specific focus to specific users. Only flood people with what they want, not with material that will sour them on your brand.

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