19 Free Social Media Tools for Your Dashboard

19 Free Social Media Tools for Your Dashboard

2250735263_0e90398b09.jpg Photo Credit: Robert Scoble As an Internet marketer, one of the biggest problems I face on a day to day basis is how to keep up with the scores of social media and content outlets on the web. It's easy to lose entire days to social media upkeep and tracking, which creates the need for automated measurement tools, like dashboards and other measurement tools. Monitoring social media and content that is published on the web is essential to any marketers job. You need to be able to respond quickly when others talk about you or your brand - a quick response can often mean the difference between a brand evangelist and a lifetime detractor. Here is my list of the top 19 social media dashboard tools, which includes 2 tools for aggregating and collecting this data.

Social Media Tools

  • Twitter Search There are some fantastic advanced search commands you can use with Twitter's search engine. From simple brand related searches to local phrases, Twitter Search can do it all.
  • IceRocket Good blog search engine.
  • Technorati Another good blog search engine.
  • Blogpulse Blog search from Nielsen.
  • Google News Track news stories and more.
  • BoardTracker Forum search engine, useful for tracking forum conversations.
  • Facebook Lexicon See how often people are mentioning you or your brand.
  • Google Analytics You may not think of Google Analytics when you think of social media, but you should be. With Google Analytics, you can track referrals to your website from the social media platforms you're using.
  • Google Trends See what's trending on the web.
  • Delicious Search See how many times pages from your site have been bookmarked by others.
  • Digg Search Much like Delicious, you can see how many times pages have been Dugg by others.
  • Google Blog Search Blog search engine from Google. (none of the blog search engines are perfect, so it's a good idea to get a mix of data and parse it yourself)
  • TwitterCounter Get a rough idea of your Twitter reach.
  • User Name Check See if your brand's username has been taken on major and minor social media networks.
  • BackType Monitor blog comments.
  • Social Mention Decent search aggregation for various sources, from blogs to social sites.
  • Google Alerts Set up alerts for keyword or brand name mentions across the web.

Collection Points

  • Google Reader What's great about the tools mentioned above is that almost all of them offer RSS feeds for your searches. If you're an agency, or just represent multiple clients, it's real easy to aggregate a bunch of searches for one client into unique folders.
  • Netvibes Netvibes actually allows you to set up a pretty nifty dashboard using a combination of RSS feeds and widgets. There's a great tutorial on how to do it
Any others you feel deserve a mention? Let me know with a comment!

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