Another Place to Tell People About Yourself:

Another Place to Tell People About Yourself: has just come out of private beta. That means now anyone can sign up. Do we need another place to post information about ourselves? We've already got Facebook to communicate with our friends, Twitter to communicate with strangers, LinkedIn to communicate with our business world, Foursquare to tell people where we are... and on and on. Fortunately that isn't what is about. There is no box to "shout" or "tweet" or anything like that. It isn't a continuously updated list of things about yourself. There are other services that are attempting to combine all your feeds to show an activity of what you are doing online. really isn't this either. In fact, the most noticeable feature is the ability to upload a large high quality photo to act as your background for the site and enter a little bit of information about yourself. You can drag the main box with your text and links around on the page to put it in just the right spot on the photo. You can also add links and feeds from your other services like facebook and twitter to your account. So far it appears to be a great place to create an "about me" on the internet. One other thing that I like about it is that you can set it up and forget about it. The last thing I need is another place to update my information at. My page will look good and point to all my other stuff until I decide to change it. So who is going to use it? This might be a good idea for job hunters to use to create a sort of online resume. Most employers google potential employees and it is better to have a cultivated story of who you are instead of whatever random results Google returns. It is also nice for those who are concerned with their online brand or identity. Sort of a directory to find out more about someone and point towards what they are involved in. It is even possible that businesses will start using it similar to how they started using Facebook and Twitter although the chances of this are smaller since most businesses already have websites that serve a similar purpose. Regardless of whether you use it or not, now is probably a good time to reserve your namespace on