Social Communities - Speak Easy Drupal

This week's Speak Easy Drupal is all about social communities. If you've been around Drupal for very long, you know that a lot of Drupal's power and appeal lies in it's ability to easily create next generation, web 2.0 community based websites. In this episode, we go over the best modules to test for your community website, propper ettiquite for any social community, and examples of top Drupal community websites.

Our panelists this week include:

Best Drupal Social Community Modules

See Rachel's post for more information about the following modules.

Power Tips

  • Allow plenty of time to tweak and adjust your site. (via @nadavoid)
  • Plan for a slow roll out.
  • Try downloading and configuring one module at a time. It will give you time to properly learn the module's functionality, and in return - create a better website.

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