LevelTen Interactive Hosts Drupal Training in Houston, Dallas & New Orleans

Dallas, TX, September 19, 2011 As the web needs of companies and marketing executives are evolving towards more sophisticated, next-generation websites with low total costs of ownership, Drupal, the world’s leading open source enterprise content management system, has become more relevant than ever. Many top brands, government agencies and universities are leveraging Drupal to build advanced, engaging websites. While Drupal is free and open source, there is a significant learning curve to unleashing its power. LevelTen Interactive, a boutique Drupal Shop in Dallas, TX, is helping inexperienced and seasoned Drupal users by offering a series of workshops in Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans on a broad range of topics. These courses are designed to help expose you to a world of new possibilities in web development. They will be of particular interest to enterprise webmasters, sales and marketing managers, small business owners, non-profit managers and students. To register, please visit: http://www.leveltendesign.com/services/training Drupal in a Day Houston, TX - Oct. 10 Dallas, TX - Oct. 17 New Orleans, LA - Dec. 5 Drupal in a Day will be an overview of creating a Drupal site from start to finish. Participants will start with a blank website and, already having seen the final site, will start with adding and managing users, creating user profiles, adding custom content, and managing that content. Drupal 7 Site Building Houston, TX - Oct. 11 Dallas, TX - Oct. 18 New Orleans, LA - Dec. 6 In two days time, participants will be brought up to speed on Drupal and be ready to tackle their own project. This course is designed both for users with no Drupal experience and those who are familiar with Drupal and want to expand their knowledge and dig deeper into their sites. The course provides in-depth discussions on Drupal’s installation process and managing users, comments, and content. Participants will also review Drupal's block system and using taxonomy to categorize their content. Drupal 7 Theming Dallas, TX - Oct. 24 By starting with the bare bones of Drupal theming to completing a custom theme, you will understand the concepts of overriding, intercepting and altering markup in Drupal. You will do a step-by-step walk through creating a new theme based on a well tested theme development framework using development best practices. You will go in more depth to coding a custom theme, using pre-process functions and theme functions to get fine-grained control. Then learn how to ensure your themes are secure, and stable. Learn how to control the output of fields and Views. PHP for Drupal Dallas, TX - Oct. 26 PHP is a powerful scripting language for templating web pages that is widely in use for its flexibility and ease of use. Drupal, built on PHP, relies on the use of a unique combination of procedural and some OOP practices. Development of both Drupal themes and modules requires an understanding of PHP. This is a refresher for anyone who is familiar with PHP, and a solid introduction to coding with PHP for anyone new to the language, or new to programming. Drupal 7 Module Development Dallas, TX - Oct. 27 Learn how to get custom functionality using Drupal’s hook system, as well as how to extend or alter contributed module functionality. Participants in this course will have used CCK, Views and Panels to create websites but have never built their own module. Participants will start writing a simple module to writing a complex module, step by step which uses Forms API, Schema API, all of the top ten Drupal hooks, creates custom database tables. ###

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Friday, September 23rd, 2011