An Agile Project Management Process

At LevelTen Interactive, we recognize that communication strengthens relationships, builds loyalty and trust, improves teamwork, and unleashes creativity within ourselves and others by building on shared ideas. To create a successful partnership, we must work together throughout each stage of strategy, planning, design and development.

LevelTen recommends Agile, an iterative approach throughout the planning, design and development of websites. The process includes information architecture and user experience design, custom configuration and module integration within a controlled testing environment. Agile Project Management allows clients and LevelTen to develop, test and review site features every two weeks. The advantage of quick-turn times and evaluations allows features and functionality to remain flexible so decisions can be made on data at hand rather than guesses.

The process is based on short and frequent development cycle iterations called sprints. During this time, we will work with you to establish tasks that will be worked on and completed during the two-week cycle. At the end of each cycle, LevelTen will review lists of tasks completed with project stakeholders and verify completion of those tasks.

Due to the quick turn-around necessary to complete a project within the desired timeframe, we highly recommend working with a single point of contact who is authorized to make decisions and can provide feedback promptly.