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LevelTen specializes in enterprise class open source web development.

the Dallas Web development company with a fresh agile approach

Every year, web development gets more complex. The new normal forces us to continually do more with less. Users are increasingly more savvy and fickle. Technology, patterns, and methodologies are constantly evolving.

Web development success has traditionally been defined by being on time and on budget. Yet in a world where the average project is 42% over budget, 67% late and missing 1/3 of the agreed upon requirements, managers are quickly losing the battle.

How will you beat the odds?

Dallas Web development approach

There is a new way. Where the definition of success is measured by how much value and quality is delivered. How many users did we attract and delight? What kind of bottom line impact did we make?

The goal is to transition your website from a cost-center to a profit-center. There are three cornerstones to making this happen; being results-oriented, being user-centric and continually innovating through agile processes.

Why LevelTen

Enterprise – We may be a close knit team but we have built technology for some of the most demanding brands. AT&T, U.S. Bank, ADP, Abbot Labs, NEC, Nationwide Insurance, SMU, Kimble Art Museum and Fidelity have all trusted LevelTen to develop their technical solutions. So have a scores of startups and small to mid-sized organizations.

Results oriented – There are many teams capable of building solid technical solutions. But tech for technology's sake has never been our vision. We have spent more than a decade honing the art of user-centric, results-oriented solutions. We define success by delighted users and bottom line impact.

User focused – LevelTen was founded on the belief that technical solutions were too technical – and it was time to do something about it. While the days of large scale usability testing has given way to more pragmatic application of heuristics and beta testing, through all the bits and bytes we never forget that it's all about the user.

Agile – The key to remarkable, memorable websites is innovation. Traditional waterfall project management is designed to squash innovation. Agile is a lean, empirical process designed to embrace change and new ideas. The world’s leading websites such as Google, Facebook, SalesForce.com and countless others have embraced this new way of thinking to build better sites faster and with less risk. For more than four years, LevelTen Scrum Masters and Product Owners have been leading the charge to bring agile to all level of projects.

Open Source – Over ten years ago, LevelTen shifted from commercial Java frameworks to open source. Not because it was cheaper (it is). But because open source evolves faster. Ultimately, you can only innovate as fast as your platform will allow. Open source development using the Drupal framework enables us to innovate at unprecedented speed.