Learning SEO with My Online Tutors

Learning SEO with My Online Tutors

As part of my internship here at LevelTen, I wanted to get more knowledgeable about how SEO works in both marketing and web applications.

My first step into learning about SEO was through a series of online tutorials at Lynda.com, a great website that contains tutorials on computer and design software. After spending a couple weeks watching the tutorial videos, I had a general knowledge of SEO, only the video series were about 9 years old. I know that along with technology, SEO has evolved over the years. Luckily, I began my internship with LevelTen, a company that is not only focused on Drupal site building but also Internet marketing.

My intern mentor, Colin Alsheimer, assigned me a list of Vimeo video tutorials to watch as part of my intern training and I must say, SEO has changed into a vital activity in any online business.

The videos were produced by SEOmoz, an Internet marketing company that offers resources, tools and services dealing in search engine optimization. What I liked about these videos, which are all part of the Whiteboard Friday series, is that the presentations were straightforward and concise, some lasting from 5 to 10 minutes. There was no SEO jargon during the presentation because the presenters know that the viewers are new to it.

I think the three most important words that I got from the videos are.

  • content
  • links
  • keywords

Without the concepts behind these words put into practice, your website will not be searchable or highly ranked within Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other mainstream search engine.

It's true what they say that "content is king."

Internet marketing has become more than just planting keywords into the coded backend of a website. It's about careful analysis, strategy and implementation.

When you watch these videos, you'll be introduced to tactics such as geo-scripting, utilizing internal and external linking, semantic html coding and driving traffic to landing pages.

I really liked the fact that social media is becoming an integral part of Internet marketing and your web presence. It's exciting to know that viral videos, blogging, tweeting and even Facebook fan pages can help you build a following and strengthen your brand identity, all with little cost because it's all about engaging the community.

If you're starting a business online or even design websites, I recommend studying SEO. Not only will it help drive traffic to your site, but it will save you more money than if you posted newspaper ads, billboards or press releases.

By the way, why spend money on books when there's a library of resources available online? I highly recommend you start with the SEOmoz videos.

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