Drupal SEO: Meta Title vs. Title of Post

Drupal SEO: Meta Title vs. Title of Post

This is a fun bit of information about creating unique meta titles in Drupal. Meta titles is something I had never fully grasped until earlier today when Drupal SEO tips became a main topic of conversation with friend and co-worker, Neil Lemons.

Having unique meta titles is arguably the best SEO technique you can leverage. It's the search engines first impression of the page - defining what the page is about.

The meta title is crawled by search engines first because it's at the top of in your HTML source code, usually below HEAD tag and before BODY tag. Meta title elements must appear in the HEAD section of every HTML document.

Why would your title tag be different than the title of your post?

The unique meta tag gives you the opportunity to make it search engine friendly (grabbing the attention of the search engines) while the title of your post continues to stay post reader friendly for social media (grabbing the attention of the people). For example, say your site is about a group that meets annually and discusses Drupal related topics and just happens to be called DrupalCamp Dallas.

If this is one of your blog post titles promoting the camp:

DrupalCamp Comes to Dallas

Then this could your meta title for better placement under relevant keywords:

DrupalCamp, A Drupal Training Seminar In Dallas Holds Class

Because we know that not everyone is going to search for DrupalCamp Dallas, we added the keywords training, seminar, and class because those are key search terms for people who want to learn more about Drupal.

Drupal has a module for making separate meta titles from your page titles called Page Titles. The module allows you to create your own meta title separate from the title of the post, making it easier to put this fun and useful Drupal SEO tip into practice.

This blog post was written (and SEO pimped out) with Online Marketing Specialist, Neil Lemons.

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