DrupalCon LA 2015: Roundtable Interviews with Metal Toad

[Kyle] He so this is Kyle and Ahmad, we are with getiFX and LevelTen Interactive in Dallas and we are walking around DrupalCon, we are gonna try and interview some random people and see what they are working on, what they are doing, hey guys can I interview some of you? This is random questions, they are not hard, I swear. SO what we are doing like we are dong a live Periscope, say hi to twitter. Is it OK if I ask you guys some questions? I'll just pass the mike around. So what you do, you gonna say what's your name? What do you do?

DrupalCon LA 2015 Video: Nucivic Interview

Kyle: Alright so this is Kyle from Dallas Texas, and in Denton we just started using Dkan as an open data platform for enabling our developer community into contributing back to the city. So I'm here with...

Andrew: Andrew Hoppin

Kyle He is with Nucivic; they are the creators of Dkan and he's gonna tell us a little more about it. Tell us a little about Dkan.

Open Enterprise Blogging Tools

Blogging is one of the key initiatives your business should invest in to increase both traffic and leads on your website. Blogging not only promotes thought leadership, it also allows you to quickly create and promote valuable content for your site visitors. This video highlights some of Open Enterprise's blogging tools that assist with the creation, promotion and optimization of your content.

Drupal 7 Tutorial: Core Fields Structure

Over the last several tutorials, we've added various different fields to content types. Now that we familiarize ourselves with adding and configuring fields-- it's time to take a step back and look at some of the important best practices to assure we're getting the most out of this powerful system. Drupal core provides us with a basic, but very useful set of field types. If you're a programmer or have worked with databases before-- you'll lightly recognize Drupal's core fields as a parallel standard database field types.