Free Drupal Theme: Jackson (NineSixty Sub-theme)

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Free Drupal Theme: Jackson (NineSixty Sub-theme)

After weeks of research reviewing the most popular themes on D.O and many group discussions, I finally began the design and development of my first theme to be released to the Drupal community. While there are hundreds of free themes for download at my goal was to release a theme that not only provided the flexibility found in many of the most popular themes, but provide a very clean, professional design to show that Drupal is making strides to releasing better looking themes that rival those found in the WordPress and Joomla community. I named the first theme after my son.


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superfish.jpg   poll.jpg
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Theme features include:

  • Very clean, professional design
  • 1, 2 or 3 column layout with column detection that changes side column widths based on the number of columns a user chooses.
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • 15 collapsible block regions
  • Optional - Superfish drop-down menu (2, 3 or more nested levels)
  • Built-in Slideshow region
  • Built-in IE transparent PNG fix
  • Primary links and secondary links
  • Supports custom logo and favicon
  • Support features like site name, slogan
  • Custom login and logout
  • Heading optimization for SEO

Links for review and download:

To download the Jackson theme please visit: Jackson Theme on

To use the theme you will first need to install NineSixty: Jackson Theme on

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