How Whitepapers Create Leads

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How Whitepapers Create Leads

What are White papers? White papers are reports on a specific topic for the web. Normally a whitepaper is more than a quick read. Most white papers include stats, facts, extensive research which require an in-depth read rather than skimming it. In reality a white paper is merely an eBook available for download or browsing on the website.

Why use White papers

White papers are made for capturing leads, because most talk about products. You are providing valuable information for your target audience. When someone signs up for your white paper on your landing page they are connecting with you and allowing you to connect with them further, i.e. move them further down the sales funnel. Once registered their contact allows you to also build your main mailing list. 

  1. Find an interesting topic . Remember your target audience, what do they like read? What is your company known for? Write about a topic you know your target audience would be interested in reading. 
  2. Borrow information, but add your prospective. Don’t just copy and paste others' findings. Give credit to people's original findings, but add your opinion and perspective on quality information. 
  3. Make it something worth reading. Make an outline first, and organize it well into chapters or sections. Make sure to include charts and pictures. People like pictures and text and not all text; it gets boring.
  4. Create a great landing page. Include a summary and topics to let people know what the white paper’s about. 

How do you utilize white papers? Do you read them? Let me know in the comments.

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