Intern Chronicles: Anima's Overall Internship Experience as a Developer

Intern Chronicles: Anima's overall internship experience as a developer

Intern Chronicles: Anima's Overall Internship Experience as a Developer

There are a lot of things I learned from my internship with LevelTen Interactive. So much, in fact, it would be long and boring paragraphs that maybe only few would want to read. Therefore, to make it short and sweet, I have jotted down a couple of points.

Four weeks training

Trying to digest all the information at once which was not a good idea, but guess what: then, I felt it was so overwhelming, but now I realize that I have acquired a lot of information. For instance, learning what Drupal was. I learned its various tools and technologies, how things work and what else can be done.

Real Work!!

Does the real work sound scary? Yes, it does. I mostly worked on the style guides for the LevelTen website. A collaborative collection of resources for creating LevelTen website attractive and eye-catching! Moving from style guides, I am currently working on designing the company’s product email marketing campaign.

Empowered words

Reviewing my skills in CSS, PHP, LESS, HTML and general management really showed me where I still need to work on and what I can improve more.

Valuable lesson

Technology can betray you anytime, anywhere so be prepared and don’t ever hesitate to ask for help! 

Last Note

I am thrilled and grateful for the LevelTen Interactive team for conducting this internship program. Thanks to everyone at LevelTen Interactive for having me. Especially, Kyle!! 

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