Grow Your Business: Why and What to Include in Case Studies

grow your business  why and what to include in case studies

Grow Your Business: Why and What to Include in Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to tell the world how valuable your products and/or services are and are an integral part of inbound marketing. They show real-life examples of how you were able to satisfy your customer’s needs and help them accomplish their goals. Case studies are great for generating interest that appeals to your ideal customer that then turn into a real customer.

Follow these tips to make your case studies remarkable:

  • Select Work that Would Appeal to Your Ideal Customer.

    • Include information about the industry
    • Demonstrate how you were able to understand the industry’s specific needs
  • Make the Case Study Easy to Read

    • No one likes to have to read a document or web page has no breaks and is nothing but small text.
    • Remember to use headers, images, lists, and callouts using bold and italics.
    • Like ours for example:

  • Use Real Statistics

    Everyone can read that someone “doubled their traffic”, but is it true? Back up your claims with real data from Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets you create great dashboards to display the information you need. Take a screenshot and include it when necessary and available.
  • Let Your Visitors Find Case Studies Quickly

    Why create case studies if no one can find them or read them? The point for case studies is to bring in potential new clients. Have them on a prominent part of your website. The ideal places for case studies are the home page and the work/client work page of your website.
  • Include A Call-to-Action

After a potential customer gets through reading your case study, then what? Ideally, you want them to call your so you can offer your services. Sometimes they aren’t ready but will submit a webworm for information. Include a CTA button at the end of a case study. Let the visitor make the decision if they want to at least reach out to you.

Need a little more convincing? In a report from DemandGend – 2016 content Survey, Case Studies (73%) were used to make B2B purchasing decisions. 54% of marketers named articles and case studies their most effective form of content marketing (source).

Now that you’ve read this blog post on what to include in your case studies, will you attempt to add them to your website? Did you notice the ones on our website? Let me know in the comments below.

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