Least Popular but Most Beneficial Social Media Site - Google+

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Least Popular but Most Beneficial Social Media Site - Google+

Google+ always seems to be the ignored child of the social media frenzy. It has been around for quite a while now (2011), but never really picked up speed besides company profiles. It began with invitation only as a joining method, but now everyone can join. Many recently have since stopped using Google+, however it doesn't mean a company should take their profile off Google+.

Why B2B should keep using Google+

  • Google+ offers companies the opportunity to attain a higher ranking in a search engine results page by publishing original content.
    • Have your employees post on their Google+ accounts with the company name tagged on the post, with of course related content. This will also gain your company rankings in Google Search.
    • Google takes author information associated with their, in this case employee Google+ profiles in search results, meaning content produced by employees with personal Google+ profiles linking company website/blog content to their profiles will be more widely visible.
  • The Google's Hangouts feature provides B2B marketers helps hold live "webinars" with the masses of followers.
    • This gives you interaction with your customers without them having to use another software or platform to learn more about the company or products.
    • A bonus, these Hangouts can be recorded and added to the company's YouTube Channel.
  • Google+ is compatible with Twitter and YouTube which allows you to easily share content and status updates on these social networks.

Do you have other reasons why companies you stay on Google+ even though it's the least active social network? Let me know in the conments below.


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