SEO Elite [SEO Product Review]

SEO Elite [SEO Product Review]

Although it boasts a variety of SEO tools, SEO">">SEO Elite isn’t quite as elite as it may seem.

Developed by well-known internet marketer Brad Callier, SEO Elite aims to provide critical details on why a particular website is ranked as they are and let you make decisions accordingly. Plenty of these tools are offered elsewhere on the web for free.

Here's a snapshot of SEO Elite's features:

In addition to six link building options, the product also includes an Automatic Link Directory Tool that will submit websites to link directories and the ability to search for Super Affiliates who may be willing to promote your products.

With its Visual SEO Elite rankings graph, you'll be able to track and monitor unlimited websites and unlimited keywords for their results in the major search engines, as well as view rankings for an established time period (1 day, 1 week, or 1 month)

Page Rank
This tool will provide information about who is linking and voting for a particular website, its rank, how many authoritative sites (like,, and sites) are linking and voting for them, and if they are buying links, trading links, or doing both. By then using this information, users can learn how to target their audience and improve their conversion rate.

Article Submission
Submit an unlimited amount of articles to the popular online article directories and receive an unlimited number of high-quality links to your website.

"Bonus" Features
Advertised as $731 worth of additional features, these include access to the SEO Elite video training center, Members-Only forum, and to 19 hours of coaching session.

It's luck of the draw, kind of. When you access SEO Elite’s site, you are automatically redirected to one of two websites. One">">One will offer a one-time free of $167 with an unconditional money-back guarantee after 58 days if you’re not satisfied. Another">">Another will offer a price of $47 per month, after a 30-day trial with an unconditional money-back guarantee after 8 weeks.

If anything, download the trial">">trial version first.

The Verdict
Save your money. Test out other comparable, yet free products available online first. Also, take a look at free trials of other SEO products which may be pricier, but able to generate better results.

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