4 Super Bowl XLV Mistakes Applied To The Web

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4 Super Bowl XLV Mistakes Applied To The Web

Don’t oversell and under deliver

In an attempt to break Super Bowl attendance records, additional seating was added to the stadium. Unfortunately some of the sections where not completed and “condemned by the fire marshal” resulting in over 400 visitors who had traveled hundreds of miles not being accommodated with seats inside the stadium. If you are at capacity, or not sure you can accommodate your clients, don’t oversell your product or services, then under deliver or not deliver at all.

Content is king…is content

After it was announced that Christina Aguilera would be singing the national anthem for the 2011 Super Bowl, she said in a news release that she had been performing the song since she was 7 and was "excited to be part of such an iconic event." If you’re in Interactive marketing, you’re probably familiar with the words “Content is king”. If we take away anything from Aguilera’s Super Bowl XLV debacle, learn that getting the words right is extremely important.

Navigation nightmare

The absence of signage outside main gates made it very difficult for Super Bowl XLV attendees to find the correct gates to enter the stadium through. This lack direction caused confusion, making the experience nightmarish for many of the stadium visitors. Usability begins with clear direction and navigation. When building a website, always provide intuitive, easy to navigate menus!

Too much hype leads to disappointment

The Black Eyed Peas certainly hyped their performance to be one of the best Super Bowl performances ever. Unfortunately, sound problems and what appeared to be a lack of live performance talent left many spectators disappointed. If you’re going to promote your product as being the best, you better make sure it is. Setting high expectations and under performing leads to mistrust and disappointment.

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