Stop Digging, Start Referring - Send us yours and be rewarded!

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Stop Digging, Start Referring - Send us yours and be rewarded!

Prospecting, cold-calling, pounding-the-pavement, call it what you want but traditionally sales has been referred to as a numbers game, the more people you talk to the better your odds of making a sale. Really, so if I visit every auto dealer in the DFW area eventually I'm going find someone to purchase one of my companies commercial kitchens? Based on the numbers mentality that's the broad assumption being made; okay, so maybe I'm being slightly facetious there but the truth of the matter is that the old-school, door-to-door mentality just doesn't cut it in today's information age.

So how should you approach selling to maximize your results?

The answer is simple, stop cold calling; you heard right I said stop cold calling. As the individual most responsible for our sales success and growth I've read numerous, books, blogs, white papers, news articles and the list goes on, but one book that I came across which really got my wheels turning was No More Cold Calling by Joanne S. Black. The basic premise of the book is simple, let your network of friends, relatives, coworkers and customers open the door to opportunities you never imagined. Think back to the times you had a customer refer new business your way; odds are you made the sale and it took very little effort. Generally not because your product was so much better than the competition, but rather your acquaintance gave a raving introduction and practically closed the deal for you. Now imagine if you will getting hundreds of referrals just like that, your job as a sales professional would be easier and more rewarding.

Give and you shall receive

Great, so I know I need to get referrals to increase my sales and reduce the stress of my job but exactly how do I do that? Simple, remind your current satisfied customers that you're always looking for new business, but be sure that you're the first to refer business to them. Just try it, the next time you deliver for a client on a project go over and above and send some more business their way; they'll be singing your praises and sending business back faster then you would have though possible. Oh yea, if you know someone who could use LevelTen, send them our way and we'll reward you with a 4% referral commission. Photo Credit

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