The Ultimate Guide to Design Inspiration

The Ultimate Guide to Design Inspiration

Over the past year, I have bookmarked an endless amount of websites that I turn to time and time again in search of inspiration. Here are some of my ultimate favorites: Design Sponge launched in August of 2004, with a wide range of categories from paper and lighting to graphic design and ceramics. The site is updated several times daily so keep checking back.

Before & After is a magazine that has been around since 1990, offering a practical approach to graphic design. They also offer tons of great tutorials for subscribers.

Veer provides several innovative ideas that will get your wheels turning. Check out their marketplace for some excellent images that are bound to spark some inspiration.

Web Designer Depot is done by a collaboration of designers around the world contributing ideas, techniques and expertise.

The name,
Design Inspiration and tagline say it all,“The Freshest and Best Quality Design Inspiration for You Daily.”

Smashing Magazine is covered with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Soon, they will release their first book, The Smashing Book. If you pre-order now, you’ll save 20%.

COLOURlovers is a fantastic site with over 2,238,171 colors in 981,240 palettes. You’re bound to be inspired.

Vandelay Design showcases a plethora of work from designers around the world.

Design Meltdown is a neatly organized collection of handpicked web sites broken down into various categories.

Behance Network, a gallery of creative portfolios, projects, and collaborations.

Designflavr is your source for daily design and art inspiration. All of the work is built upon user submissions.

Web Cremeis a gallery of web design inspiration. Browse through thousands of inspiring web sites updated daily.

Fuel Your Creativity offers some great articles, tips, interviews and freebies that are sure to keep you in the now. Their inspiration section is not all graphic design inspiration. It’s broken down into several categories ranging from fashion design to architecture. Bottom line it’s awesome.

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