Twitter Chooses Drupal Again, This Time for Gasp, Their Blog

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Twitter Chooses Drupal Again, This Time for Gasp, Their Blog

Twitter recently re-launched their blog and they chose Drupal over WordPress

I've been telling people for years that if you just want a blog, WordPress is a great option. Twitter's decision to use Drupal as a blog makes me wonder a bit. Why would a company with their development and technical expertise choose Drupal vs WordPress if they're just building a blog? 

Here are a few reasons why I think the decision was a no-brainer:

  1. Let's all agree that Twitter isn't some mommy blogger or small business, so their needs are probably a little different. Saying "It's just a blog" isn't true.
  2. They built on Drupal so they're already familiar with Drupal's ability to be customized and expanded; plus why introduce a new technology that team members have to learn?
  3. Drupal's security and protocols are a major plus over WordPress. Why else would have chosen it over other options? 
  4. Not that they need it, but Drupal offers Enterprise Class Support with Acquia. Where's that solution on WordPress?

Look, my goal here is not to bash WordPress. I've used it in the past and it has its place; but in the end decisions like this only help to reinforce the argument that Drupal is the superior open source platform.

Do you think it was a good decision for Twitter to use Drupal over WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

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