Content Marketing for Search Engine Rankings

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Content Marketing for Search Engine Rankings

Most search engines, specifically Google, focus on ranking websites with the best content for its users. There’s no question that your website/company needs to create quality content in order to attract visitors. What does this all really mean? Content is king to your SEO success and search rankings, but so is your website.

Optimizing your website

Great content goes a long way to driving traffic to your website, but did you stop and consider your website also has a way to drive traffic? Before you begin writing, start with making your website optimized for search engines. Landing pages, frequent blog post, white papers, social media engagement, meta tags, and keywords. Open Enterprise Pro is the easiest way to have this done for you. It's easy to create landing pages, equipped with a power blogging system, and it comes with analyzers with feedback on keywords and Quick SEO. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Begin by evaluating your content marketing strategy, if you don’t have one in place, develop one, and fast. There’s nothing worse than just writing something irrelevant on your blog, because you are in it to compete with your competitors. Refer back to your target audience and industry to have a better grasp on what you should be writing and what they want to read.

Social Media Presence

Social media identities apart from your main website also helps with the way your brand/website ranks on search engines. Both Bing and Google have stated they use the data from social sites to determine you search ranking. Bing uses Facebook Likes as a ranking signal. Google uses Twitter for a faster way to index content. So when you blog, remember to share it on Twitter while adding appropriate hashtags. Adding social media buttons to your website is key. A tool like AddThis is the easiest way to share content right off your website.

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Want to learn more about raising your search engine rankings? How Open Enterprise Pro can help your website? Let me know in the comments.

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