Show Me the Bacon!


Show Me the Bacon!

Is your website dry and uninteresting?

No worries… just wrap it with <bacon> and watch it sizzle! Because everything is better wrapped with bacon, especially your website.



Having trouble driving traffic?

Wrap it in bacon! Once web surfers catch a whiff of the sweet, sweet smell of hot, sizzling pork fat they won't be able to resist!



Social Media Strategy?

Who needs it?! Everyone loves delicious bacon!



What about email marketing?

No spam here, only 100% grade A bacon for your subscribers!

Still not convinced?

Show me the bacon!

You'll probably want to stand back a bit

Add bacon to your site...

Include the bacon doctype at the top of your HTML.

Bacon Strict


Bacon Transitional


Then include the sizzle javascript file(requires jQuery)

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Lastly, wrap your <html> tags with <bacon>


Now watch it sizzle!

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