10 About Pages That Kick Butt


10 About Pages That Kick Butt

I hate to see an awesome business have a less than spectacular About page on their website. It's a total let down when I know a lot of interesting things about a company, yet their site fails to convey all of their distinguishing qualities. Your About page is crucial to your website and business. It is the location where potential consumers get a feel for your company or brand. If it's done right, you will win people over, but if you put little effort into the content and design, the outcome could be lost business.

Below I have compiled a list of ten websites I've found that have strong About pages. The uniting factor among these sites is a design that is crafted around the content. The best way to come up with a creative design is to have the content ready first. Having the page's copy done before the design allows for different aspects of the design to interact with ideas on the page. Take a look at these sites and allow them to spark your creativity. 

1. Evoke coffee


Notice the clear, short statement of the company's goals. This allows users to immediately get a feel for the business. 


2. The Wee society

A playful design that pairs well with target audience


3. odwalla 

Great interactive interface. Not too text heavy, allowing extra information to flow over into links in the sidebar. 


4. Steve's leaves

Incorporates video with text.


5. sycamore street press

Hovering reveals snippets of pertinent information - a click takes you to the full story! 


6. Ghost games

High-quality pictures with short, relevant text. 


7. Hershey's 


Hershey's tells its story through a colorful, clean timeline. 


8. Kraft


Kraft uses a one-page infographic to create an overview of company facts. Other information about Kraft is housed within links in the sidebar. 


9. Tumblr

Another example of an infographic-like design. In the forefront we see Tumblr's simple, yet alluring tagline: Follow the world's creators. 


10. amber lehman styling

A nice blend of cheerful colors, icons, and typography. Everything you might need to know, without fluff. 


What are some good About pages you've come across lately? Have any tips for best practices? 


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