26 Keyboard Shortcuts That Make You Look Like a Twitter Pro

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26 Keyboard Shortcuts That Make You Look Like a Twitter Pro

Love Twitter, but hate getting slowed down by using a mouse? Never fear, these 26 keyboard shortcuts will get you through those 140 character updates faster than you can say "Retweet"! 

For Timeline Navigation: 

GH = Go Home
GU = Go To User
GC = Connect
GS = Settings
GA = Activity
GM = Messages
GR = Mentions
GL = Lists
GD = Discover
GL = Lists
GP = Profile
GF = Favorites

For General Navigation: 

" . " = Load New Tweets
/ = Search
Space Bar = Page Down
J = Next Tweet 
K = Previous Tweet 
? = This Menu

Various Actions: 

L = Close All Tabs
N = New Tweet
"Enter" = Open Tweet Details
R = Reply
B = Block User
U = Unblock User
T = Retweet
M = Direct Message


Think you'll use these time saving tips? Let us know in the comments! 

Featured Image Credit: Eric C Bryan 

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