Why Building Inbound Marketing Websites Generate Business

inbound marketing websites grow business

Why Building Inbound Marketing Websites Generate Business

Many people throw the term “inbound marketing” around as a methodology they should practice on a website to attract visitors and generate quality leads. What some may not know is that when we, LevelTen Interactive, say “Open Enterprise Pro is Inbound Marketing Ready," it means that we believe in building websites that have been structured and built based on the principles of the Inbound Marketing Methodology. 

Why Inbound Ready Websites Work

One of the major pillars of Inbound Marketing is the ability for prospects and customers to easily find you. Before any site building is done, a major factor to the website is making sure URL structure is structured so that from the beginning the website is set up for optimal SEO friendly links.

Apart from having SEO friendly links, it is also imperative to optimize your website pages for SEO, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Image. Fortunately, LevelTen has built a foundation that makes sure these steps are done when creating any new piece of content. Remember, the goal of these pages is to build authority and searchability to your businesses website. 

Inbound Websites are Informative

An inbound website is your point of contact when your business is in off-hours. Offering your visitors whitepapers and eBooks encourages them to keep coming back to your website. By creating a workflow around your offers, your website is set up to nurture your visitors. 

Blog posts are also a great way to frequently update your website with useful information. Making the blog visible from the homepage will attract users to click around the website and make them learn more about your company and helpful information. 

Inbound websites always allow the visitor to share content. Creating remarkable content triggers visitors to engage and share said content. Sharing buttons on a website are key for letting strangers find you website and begin to attract more visitors and generate quality traffic.

Capture Leads

Remember those offers of whitepapers and eBooks we mentioned above? Those let you capture leads on your website. When asking a visitor to download the free premium offers, always ask for their basic information such as their name, email, company, and phone number. This type of engagement will let you know what type of people come to your website and also help you build your email list.

Summary: Always follow these marketing actions


Want the right people (strangers > visitors) to your inbound ready website? Try Blogging, SEO, Optimized Pages, and Social Sharing.


You now have visitors to your website, so make those visitors into leads. Use forms, CTAs, and Landing Pages with premium offers to trigger an action.


Your inbound ready site has done most of the work up until now. It's your turn as the website owner, marketer, or even sales person to follow up on all the captured data and convert your new visitors into customers. The use of CRMs, such as SugarCRM that can be integrated into Open Enterprise Pro, will help your team move vistors>leads>customers through the sales funnel. Send relevant emails to those that have entered their information in the Convert stage.


Tailor your website to fit the needs of your potential leads or customers. Using Big Data with the help of analytics systems, such as Open Enterprise Intelligence, you can improve your visitor's website experience with smarter CTAs, Content (blogs), and Offers they are attracted to. 

Do you have an inbound ready website? If you don't or want to have one, give us a call or drop a comment below so we can help your business grow!

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