Feed Your Clients in 2010

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Feed Your Clients in 2010

Being in an Interactive agency and living in a world where we spend half our life behind a monitor we sometimes forget that everyone might not have the same bleeding edge knowledge of online technology as we do. Simple concepts to the native web surfer are often times a foreign language to others. Meetings with clients that give bobble head nods, have stuck on smiles and glazed eyes may often time be a good indication that what you’re saying is not being fully understood. This is why it’s very important to always be peppering your clients with up to date industry information applicable to your services and more importantly to their business. A couple ways you can do this:
  • Start with a learning culture within your company. Designate individuals to be thought leaders on specific topics.
  • Regularly share with your online community and clients thru blogging, podcasts, website libraries (wiki’s) and other social media interaction.
  • Setup your CRM to hone specific information to clients. Tailor your message before you send them, ie “In our meeting the other day we were talking about affiliate marketing. Here’s a great blog post that I think summarizes the topic.”
  • Send books to reinforce and validate concepts.
Always be looking for ways to bridge the knowledge gap between you and your clients. The more they know the more they will begin to understand what you’re trying to do for them. image source: http://www.thetourspecialists.com/images

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